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Moving to Thailand: some pitfalls to avoid Part 4


If you chose a "real" retired, ie with a pension and more activity in Europe, is what to do less. If you are between say 35 and 50 years and you want to move here, here are some typical cases of failure. In principle single men do not come to Thailand just for the scenery and the good life, they often come after coming on holiday once or several times and especially after meeting a beautiful thai he fell in love. When you come on vacation, this young woman is smiling, it plays perfectly the role of woman in love, some once back in Europe do not fail to send money regularly (thank you Western Union!) Story maintain his love. When you get here, everything changes, your sweetheart B 'love at all or it will largely seek the bank! Of 10 such cases, only one works, the other end with a return to Europe with financial and emotional deception. Therefore mistrust if you come here with that goal. It says here between expat, that falang filed their brain to the setpoint of the airport, have to be better! Obviously, I met many men caught in this diagram, they invariably respond, "OK, but me it's not like she is really in love!" If this first part does not concern you, it will ask to generate cash flow, you are not retired, and you live on your capital (if you're coming from Eurpe rents, apartment leased etc ... you will be more serene). It is virtually impossible to work here, except deep pockets, even if you create a company you will not have the right to work, you can hire Thais to work but not yourself. The alternative is the combination with one or a Thai. Will pose the problem of confidence, in fact everything is verbal, you buy a business, which will be the name of your partner (s) and you try somehow to recover some money. Failure: 9 out of 10, especially if you buy a bar or a massage parlor, VERY BIG MISTAKE. My advice is to come here and do nothing at all about investing in the first year if you meet a woman thai, live with it for a year, you know her better and then, why not, you run a business in association with, after one year you will know the good and bad sites and also a little better Thai culture. For my part I opened the site Thaiminimarket early 2010, and I opened a small restaurant in Phuket after spending a year and a half with my partner who was working in a supermarket. Now I can balance my budget, but since I arrived in 2009 I spent about 35,000 euros!

The site earns me an average of 500 euros per month and 300 restaurant, my companion's salary is 300 euros.

Some concrete cases personally experienced: A Belgian of 40 years falls in love with a beautiful bar girl by the name of Hou, he sells all his possessions and come here with the intention to mount a fish farm in Issan, in association with the family of Hou. He set up his farm, built a building, and begins production. Once adult fish he went with his girlfriend's brother to the cooperative in the 4x4 he had purchased, return the brother takes out a gun and steals the recipe (about 5000 euros), bummed he returned to Belgium with a net loss of 70,000 euros, and his ex girlfriend reworked again in bars!. Denis 35 years, he fell in love with a masseuse, after 15 days here he returned to France, made a loan of 35,000 euros to the bank, take a year off (it's official) and comes here to buy a plantation rubber trees (30,000 euros), always with the family of his girlfriend, as a falang can not buy land, he put the contract on behalf of the family. his wife tells him gently that the trees will be profitable within a year and as it has more money (and credit to repay its capital!) he must return to France to work. On his return after 10 months, his girlfriend had returned with her husband Thai! Lost everything. I advise you to buy the book "Memory of a detective," after your brain if you forget to set, too bad for you! I make a picture black but realistic, yet many people live here and all goes well, you just take some precautions.

 ThéCâlin, thés de printemps en provenance directe de Chine.




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